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Pathway in Life Sciences

Eager to explore possible pathways in the field of life sciences and biotechnology? Our three speakers shared their career development and discussed the prospect and career options in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Women Scientists in Hong Kong: Challenges and Fulfilments

Empowering women and embracing gender diversity lead to better science and innovation. With more women showing brilliance in medical research and biotechnology, the time is ripe for recognizing their scientific contributions and achievements. 

Panel Discussion Series 2021

This series aims to cover different aspects of the life sciences industry, starting from the employer’s perspective on hiring life sciences graduates to the successful stories of becoming a bioentrepreneur, and concluding with a discussion on the importance of ideas and innovation in biotechnology. 

Beyond Global Cities Dialogue

Through inter-disciplinary dialogues, the series seeks to broaden the depth of discourse among academics, practitioners, policy-makers and students on a range of topics at the intersection of life sciences, big data, law, finance, health-tech and wellness. This series is carefully curated, aiming to create a bridge that helps connect life sciences to a wider community.

Building Your Career Path Without Boundary

Two online panel discussions about career development were held in August 2020. The four speakers shared their thought-provoking opinions and interesting career stories of being a technopreneurs as well as valuable knowledge and tips on building a biotech career in China.