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2021 13 Aug
13 Aug 2021

Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS or the society), established in September 2018, aims to attract, nurture and retain talents in the local life sciences sector through knowledge exchange, collaboration and engagement to build and a dynamic life…

2021 11 Feb
11 Feb 2021

Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS or the Society) is dedicated to building a dynamic life sciences ecosystem in Hong Kong and attracting, cultivating and retaining talents in local life sciences and biotechnology sectors. With the aim to nurture…

2020 17 Dec
17 Dec 2020

As Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest biotechnology fund-raising center, Hong Kong has world-class infrastructure and resources for life sciences industry development. The latest Policy Address 2020 outlined various measurements to foster…

2020 22 Oct
22 Oct 2020

Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS or this society) aims to attract, cultivate and retain talent in Hong Kong’s life sciences and biotechnology sectors. As one of the signature programs of HKLSS, the Mentorship Scheme sets to provide university…

2020 3 Aug
3 Aug 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everywhere, impacting our daily lives in an unprecedented way. Whilst many industries and businesses have seen a downturn, increase in demand for research and development has been seen in industries such…