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1 Dec News
【Expert Insights on Life Sciences】Promising Prospects for Hong Kong Life Sciences

The pandemic has raised awareness from the public and investors towards the life sciences sector. Mr Vincent Cheung,…

24 Nov News
【Expert Insights on Life Sciences】Prerequisites of Life Sciences Advancements

The life sciences landscape has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Mr Antony Leung, Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Life…

23 Nov Articles
How To Build A Culture That Is Open To Innovation

AsianScientist – In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies can no longer rely solely on ideas generated from…

17 Nov News
【Expert Insights on Life Sciences】Extending Health Span by New Life Sciences

The pandemic has drawn public attention to life sciences developments, especially that of vaccines. Mr Antony Leung,…

2 Nov Articles
Asia’s Big Biomedical Bet Pays off

AsianScientist – Asia is probably the most exciting region in the world for the biomedical sciences today. It offers a…

19 Oct News
Career Path and Hiring Trends in Life Sciences Industry

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