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Other Activities and Events

Inauguration Reception

The inauguration-cum-launch ceremony was held on 6 June, 2019 at The Mills with the Chief Executive of the HKSAR as the officiating guest. Fully backed by the Nan Fung Group, our society is the first youth organization in Hong Kong aiming to build a dynamic life sciences ecosystem in Hong Kong.

Bench Talks and Workshops

Why is knowledge discovery restricted to laboratories or classrooms? Why can’t researchers share their ideas and new knowledge in a relaxing and casual setting? This series offers a range of experiential talks and interesting workshops in evening which are responsive to young participants with different interests, from biomedical and translational research to business to entrepreneurship education.

Beyond Global Cities Dialogue Series 2020

Through inter-disciplinary dialogues, the series seeks to broaden the depth of discourse among academics, practitioners, policy-makers and students on a range of topics at the intersection of life sciences, big data, law, finance, health-tech and wellness. This series is carefully curated, aiming to create a bridge that helps connect life sciences to a wider community.

Webinar Series

Scheduled on Wednesdays between March and June 2020, our webinar series offers members up-to-date knowledge on life sciences-related topics and chances to chat with our experts on a range of current topics related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Education and Public Engagement

Our society is committed to support a wide range of education and public engagement activities in collaboration with regional and global partners to advance the future of biotechnology development.