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Life Sciences Summer Internship Program 2022 Opens for Applications Unceasing Talent Cultivation to Foster Interests in Pursuing a Life Sciences Career

Summer Internship Program 2022

Science and innovation play a pivotal role in responding to the pandemic. Over the past few years, Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS or the Society) has put in a lot of efforts in nurturing life sciences talent. Further to the tremendous success in the previous years, HKLSS will launch its fourth Summer Internship Program in July 2022, covering Hong Kong and Shanghai. The online application is now open.

Golden Internship Opportunity to Open Eyes and Advance Practice in Life Sciences

This six-week internship program continues to offer a unique opportunity for university students to explore cutting-edge research, technology, and the future of life sciences. Successful candidates will be assigned to different biotech companies, covering start-up companies, venture capital firms, NGOs, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Through this program, interns will work with experienced researchers and practitioners in one of the following corporate functions, including R&D, business development, investment, policy research, regulatory, and marketing. They will also have the chance to participate in weekend activities and networking with C-level executives, acquiring practical knowledge, soft skills and latest industry trends.

Life Sciences Summer Internship Program 2022 is now accepting online applications opening to senior-year undergraduate and postgraduate students. The deadline for the first-round application will be 14 March 2022. HKLSS closely monitors the COVID-19 pandemic situation and will determine the program’s start date and location.

Addressing the Key Needs of Emerging Talent in the Field

Summer Internship Program 2021 - Take2 Health

Marco Fang, master’s student majoring in Chemistry from Imperial College London, joined the internship program last year working in Take2 Health, a fast-growing healthcare company in Hong Kong. Marco mentioned that the program facilitated him to develop business acumen and grasped his interests working in commercial roles within the life sciences sector. In addition to his day-to-day duties, guest talks, exchanges and workshops during the program offered him valuable opportunities to connect with industry professionals, as well as broadening his horizons on the latest developments in the life sciences and biotechnology industry.

Promising Industry Prospects with Great Opportunities for our Future Young Leaders 

The 2021 Policy Address indicated a number of favourable policies for the development of the life sciences industry in Hong Kong. For example, the government has accepted the proposals from the University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong for granting the land for research use to reinforce the leading international position in academic and research development. In order to leverage the promotion on research development in Greater Bay Area, the government also proposes the setting up of an InnoLife Healthtech Hub in the HSITP in the Loop, with the 16 life and health-related laboratories in the InnoHK research clusters and the 8 State Key Laboratories in life and health disciplines as the basis.

Prof Ken Wong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Life Sciences Society said: “Engaging life sciences talent is mission-critical for fuelling industry growth. Over the past years, we are happy to see that our Summer Internship Program has received enthusiastic responses from both university students and the business community. The program enables life science students to get out of the laboratory and acquire knowledge of all walks of life. We look forward to participation from more employers and students.”

He continued, “The promotion of science, research and innovation is important to Hong Kong’s development into a health technology hub. HKLSS will continue to implement new initiatives to advance opportunities for the study and practice of life sciences and scale a talent powerhouse to fuel industry growth.”