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HKLSS Presents the Hong Kong Life Sciences Scholarship Awards 2023/24 at the Presentation Ceremony

Revolutionizing the Selection Process with AI-Assisted Interviews

Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS or the Society) held a Presentation Ceremony for the Hong Kong Life Sciences Scholarship Awards (the Scholarship Awards) on 14 October to honor 10 outstanding undergraduate students in life sciences and biomedical science. This year, the Society has introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to evaluate the applicants’ talents and soft skills in different aspects, with a view to selecting the students who demonstrated extraordinary potential.

Hong Kong Life Sciences Scholarship Awards 2023/24 - Mr Vincent Cheung, Mr Charles Ng, guests and awardees

Mr Vincent Cheung, Founder and Chairman of HKLSS, Mr Antony Leung, HKLSS Vice Chairman, Mr Charles Ng, Guest of Honor, selection panel, institutional representatives and awardees

Assisting Professional Assessment with AI and Selecting Talents by Industry Standards

The Scholarship Awards consisted of two rounds of interviews, and all applications were meticulously assessed by professional judges. In the first round, AI technology was introduced to help the judges get a better understanding of the applicants’ profiles, evaluating their problem-solving ability, vision and entrepreneurial mindset, communication skills, collaboration and self-learning capacity. To test their spontaneous reactions and performance under stress, students were required to answer questions within a time limit during the interview. Meanwhile, the AI program would analyze their level of confidence and on-the-spot reactions based on their facial expressions.

Shortlisted candidates who were invited to the second interview were then assessed by a selection panel formed by experts in the field. Referring to standards and trends within the industry, they evaluated the students’ potential and decided whether they were qualified for the scholarship.

The judges were exceptionally pleased with the students’ outstanding performance, which far exceeded their expectations. They believed that students were familiar with different online systems after participating in online classes frequently in the past few years. The application of AI technology automated the interview process and helped the Society in handling a large number of applications, thus improving the overall efficiency.

Enthusiastic Response from Applicants and the Diverse Backgrounds of the Awardees

This year’s Scholarship Awards received an overwhelming response from over 110 applicants, who are from 6 local tertiary institutions with diverse backgrounds. The 10 awardees are students from City University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong who are studying biomedical science, biotechnology, veterinary medicine and pharmacy. By supporting students from different disciplines, HKLSS hopes to inspire breakthrough research, encourage innovative thinking and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, thereby laying a solid foundation for the future development of the life sciences.

Hong Kong Life Sciences Scholarship Awards 2023/24 - Mr Charles Ng, Guest of Honor

Mr Charles Ng, Executive Director of the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises, Financial Secretary's Office, is giving a speech

The Society invited Mr Charles Ng, Executive Director of the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises, Financial Secretary's Office to be the Guest of Honor of the ceremony, while Mr Vincent Cheung, Founder and Chairman of HKLSS, presented the awards. With a view to bringing together organizations from different professional fields and promoting exchanges, the Society also invited representatives from various tertiary institutions and the nominators.

Nurturing All-Round Leaders with Enriching Experiences

The Scholarship Awards were established in 2022 by HKLSS with a goal of supporting outstanding undergraduate students to pursue life sciences or biomedical studies in local universities. This year, students were required to submit a proposal on the integration of life sciences into the community as they apply for the Scholarship Awards, which is in line with the Society’s mission of promoting the practical and social application of life sciences in the society.

In addition to the HK$50,000 scholarship, each awardee will also be entitled to participate in the Society’s 12-month Mentorship Scheme and be given priority to apply for the Summer Internship Program. While the scholarship enables students to focus on their studies, the diverse learning opportunities that come with it can also broaden their horizons, enrich their academic and professional experiences, and support their all-round development so as to nurture them into future leaders in the life sciences and biotech industry.

One of this year’s scholarship awardees, Chong Jer Shyuen, a third-year student majoring in biomedical science at the University of Hong Kong, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Society for its support, “I am thrilled to participate in the Mentorship Scheme and to have the opportunity to take part in an internship. I hope I will get to know the experts in the field and learn from them to enhance my skills and broaden my network. I will continue to strive for excellence academically, contribute to the community by taking part in the developments of life sciences and biotechnology.”