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What We Do

Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS) is a youth organization established in 2018 aiming to build a dynamic life sciences ecosystem in Hong Kong. Through knowledge exchange, collaboration and engagement, HKLSS aims to attract, cultivate and retain talent in Hong Kong’s life sciences and biotechnology sectors.


We nurture talent that helps develop a world-class life sciences industry cluster in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Life Sciences Society (HKLSS) endeavors to:

  • advance opportunities for the study and practice of life sciences;
  • build a strong and sustainable talent pipeline in Hong Kong’s life sciences sector;
  • create awareness of life sciences’ vast impact on quality of life;
  • develop national, international and inter-disciplinary collaborations; and
  • encourage and promote Hong Kong as a hotspot for life sciences investment.

Board Chair's Remarks

As one of the fastest-growing industry clusters in mainland China and globally, biotech is well-placed to give new impetus to the development of Hong Kong, providing our young people with new horizons and ample career opportunities.